Law Enforcement & The Left, Reality Check, Kudos To Sessions

Monday, February 13, 2017

Law Enforcement & The Left

We got another glimpse into the left-wing mindset over the weekend. And no, this isn't about the Grammys. (More on that below.)

I'm referring to the alarmist reporting all weekend long about recent immigration raids. There were headlines about "Trump's Deportation Force." There was over-the-top rhetoric about "11 million people living in fear." There was also a gross lack of context.

Here's the bottom line: Our immigration laws are being enforced and the left can't handle it. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials launched routine "targeted enforcement actions" in half a dozen states. This was not a new "crackdown."

There was nothing unusual about these actions, aimed at getting violent criminals off the streets. Just consider this excerpt from a CBS affiliate in Los Angeles:

"Of the 160 arrested, about 150 had criminal histories, while five more had either been previously deported or had 'final orders of removal.' Many of those arrested had prior felony convictions for 'serious or violent offenses' including child sex crimes and assault. The arrestees . . . were 95 percent male."

Similar raids took place during the Obama years. The difference is that this time the criminals won't be released into our communities. Our laws will be enforced. The illegal immigrants will be detained and deported.

What is unusual is the rhetoric that the media, many on the left and some politicians are using to denounce what is otherwise normal law enforcement activity. People are being worked into a frenzy and may employ violence against ICE officers.

If that happens, the responsibility will fall on those who stoked such fears, namely an irresponsible media and a progressive left that is urging resistance to everything President Trump does.

Reality Check

The Trump Administration continues reviewing all its options regarding the president's national security order that sought a temporary moratorium on immigration from seven "countries of particular concern." Some people have suggested the order was poorly written. Others have pointed to statements made during the campaign. Still others have suggested that President Trump should have gone to Congress first.

Some or all of that may be valid. But it misses the most crucial point: There is a fundamental difference between the left and right regarding the nature of sovereignty and borders.

The left believes that every individual in the world has a right to come to America. Furthermore, they believe that the more people who come to America, the better America will be. They want to change the composition of America, to "fundamentally transform" America. That is what Barack Obama said.

There are also millions of people like you who believe that you cannot have a nation if you do not have secure borders. They believe in the rule of law. If someone is here illegally, we should not send the message that once you get in, no matter how you get in, it is unacceptable for America to remove you.

The left wants ongoing amnesty. The right wants ongoing enforcement of the law. The left says," You can't deport 11 million people." The right says, "You can deport the 150 we deported over the weekend. Just keep doing it."

The argument about 11 million people is a straw man argument. Just enforce the law and keep deporting the ones you arrest. This would not have been an argument 20 years ago.

But the left has so changed the composition of America that it is a tougher debate to win today. But if we don't win this debate, it will be harder in five to ten years to deport anyone here illegally.

Kudos To Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was sworn into office Thursday and quickly began reversing Obama-era policies. For example, the Justice Department announced Friday that it was withdrawing from a federal lawsuit over school bathroom policies.

This case began last year when the Obama Administration issued an order redefining school bathroom policies in all fifty states so that boys who claimed to be girls could use the girls' bathrooms and locker rooms. Twelve states sued and a federal judge issued an injunction against the order. The Obama Administration appealed the injunction, and a hearing was scheduled to take place this week.

However, that hearing has been cancelled after the Justice Department under Attorney General Sessions decided not to defend the Obama-era order.


Before last night's Grammy awards, few people had any idea who Joy Villa was. And most of us still don't. But the singer, songwriter, actress knows how to grab attention and she's got everybody talking about her today.

Last night, Villa showed up at the Grammys in a flashy pro-Trump "Make America Great Again" dress.

By the way, the dress was made by Andre Soriano, a pro-Trump Filipino immigrant.

Villa identifies as multi-racial. She is part African-American, part Italian and part Choctaw Indian. Thanks to her instant fame, sales of her recent album shot up on Amazon from number 543,202 to number 3.

But pro-Trump fame comes with a price. Villa has joined the ranks of the Deplorables and the left immediately began vilifying her.