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Pence vs. Obama, Assange On Hannity, Schumer Rejects Trump Court Nominee

Pence vs. Obama

Vice President-elect Mike Pence and lame duck President Barack Obama headed to Capitol Hill today. Each caucused with their respective political parties -- Pence encouraged Republicans to repeal and replace Obamacare, while Obama urged his party to fight to the death to save his legacy.

Some legacy.

Trump Wins Again, Schumer's "Hit List", Will The GOP Respond?

Trump Wins Again

Ford announced today that it was cancelling a planned $1.6 billion investment in Mexico. Instead the automaker is now planning to invest $700 million in a plant in Flat Rock, Michigan, which is expected to create 700 new jobs at the plant.

Ford CEO Mark Fields said the change of plans amounts to a "vote of confidence" in the pro-business policies being advocated by the Trump/Pence team. Trump is also calling on General Motors to follow Ford's example.

The Year Ahead

The Year Ahead

Many people like to turn a new page at the beginning of a new year. We all like to forget about unfortunate events in the past. We want to jettison our problems and focus on becoming better people. New Year's resolutions are always positive, right?

Many people may be inclined to think, "Well, we won and we can all work together now on positive changes for America." That would be nice. But it is unlikely to happen in a deeply divided America, especially if the left has anything to say about it.

Defund The U.N., Dershowitz Agrees, 2017 & Persecuted Christians

Defund The U.N.

In 22 days, Barack Obama, John Kerry and the whole crew of left-wing ideologues will be out of office. Unfortunately, the United Nations will still be here, doing its best to undermine the free nations of the world, while turning a blind eye to the acts of the thugs and dictators who make up a substantial portion of its membership.

More than any other nation, Israel has been the target of the haters at the U.N. In the coming days, we will be announcing exciting new efforts to defund the U.N. -- all or in part.

More Punches Coming?, Congress Reacts, Meanwhile, Here At Home. . .

More Punches Coming?

Secretary of State John Kerry delivered a major address this morning outlining his ideas for Middle East peace. There are growing concerns after last week's outrageous U.N. vote that Kerry's speech is laying the groundwork for more gut punches against our ally Israel in Obama's closing days.

Obama's Betrayal

Obama's Betrayal

Fake News, Speaking Of Hate. . ., Happy Chanukah

Fake News

As we head into the holidays, it is getting hard to keep track of how many of the election-related "hate crimes" have been proven false. Not only are they false, but they are almost always perpetrated by leftists.

Here are the latest examples of false hate crimes that made big headlines.

Refugee Sought In Berlin Attack, Tis The Busy Season, A Notre Dame Christmas

Refugee Sought In Berlin Attack

After initially arresting the wrong man, German authorities are reportedly on a massive manhunt for Anis Amri, a 23 year-old Tunisian. Amri became the focus of the Berlin Christmas market attack after police found his ID in the cab of the truck that mowed down scores of holiday shoppers.

New Thinking, Trump Wins Again, The Left's America

New Thinking

Responding to yesterday's terror attacks in Ankara and Berlin, President-elect Donald Trump tweeted, "The civilized world must change thinking!" If the initial reaction is any indication, it appears Mr. Trump may be asking too much of Western elites.

"Moring Joe" co-host Joe Scarborough mocked Trump's common sense suggestion. "Um, yeah. . . First of all, I don't know exactly what the civilized world is going to do about trucks, unless we're going to ban trucks," Scarborough said. "But again, some of the deadliest attacks have been with vehicles."

The Left's Shadow Government, Electoral College Meets Today, Europe On High Alert

The Left's Shadow Government

The political left is vehemently refusing to accept the results of the November 8th elections. Like spoiled children who do not get their way, the left is throwing a collective temper tantrum. Their behavior is so bad that even liberal Juan Williams conceded yesterday, "There's no question Democrats run the risk of looking like hypocrites."