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March Against The Second Amendment, Build That Wall, Trump Gets Tough

March Against The Second Amendment

National Security First, Bolton's Back, Guns Are Good

National Security First

President Donald Trump today signed the massive $1.3 trillion spending bill that was approved by the Senate in the wee hours of the night.  He clearly was not happy about doing so.
There are some good things in the bill. 

Left-wing Hypocrisy, Deep State Sabotage, About That Deal

Left-wing Hypocrisy

Another School Shooting, Free Speech Under Siege, Left-wing Chutzpah

Another School Shooting

McCabe's Firing, Deep State Fires Back, Sharpton Hits The Hill

McCabe's Firing

This We'll Defend, Summit Ministries, Happy Birthday, Ruth!

This We'll Defend

Left Hijacking A Tragedy, The United Left, Old School Parenting

Left Hijacking A Tragedy

PA Results, Denouncing Farrakhan, Calling All Statesmen

PA Results

Shakeup At State, One Done, Two To Go, Build That Wall

Shakeup At State

Left-wing Discrimination, Mixed Messages, Pence To Behar: Apologize

Left-wing Discrimination