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FBI Raids Trump's Lawyer, Fixing The Rot, The Intolerant Left


No Trade War, "What Is The FBI Hiding?", Speaking Of Stinking Things

No Trade War

Trump Wins Again, Trump Deploys Troops, Standing For Life

Trump Wins Again

Flaming Open Borders Liberals, Trump & Tariffs, Remembering Reverend King

Is It Over?  Probably Not

About That Caravan, Fake Financial News, Public School Propaganda

About That Caravan. . .

Border Battles, A Caravan Is Coming, Sessions' Special Counsel

Border Battles

End Of Day 3-30-18 - Chag Sameach – A Joyous Festival, Good News

Chag Sameach – A Joyous Festival
Today is a special day when the Jewish and Christian holidays of Passover and Good Friday coincide.  The two pillars of Western Civilization – the Jewish and Christian faiths – will celebrate the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus. 
Jews all over the world will gather tonight to celebrate the miracle of Passover, commemorating the liberation of their people from ancient Egypt.

Strzok Strikes Again, Subpoenas & Charges, The Left's Extremism

Strzok Strikes Again

The Left Attacks Citizenship, Sanctuary Showdown, The Left's Radical Agenda, It Can Happen

The Left Attacks Citizenship

PC Rot At FBI, Trump vs. Putin, The Left-wing Mind, Repeal Your Rights