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Liberals Target Fox News, More Concessions?, L'Shanah Tovah

Liberals Target Fox News

Liberal members on the Federal Election Commission have proposed new regulations that would prohibit companies "from funding expenditures, independent expenditures, or electioneering communications" if five percent or more of the company was owned by foreign sources. The liberals on the Commission claim they are worried about foreign intervention in U.S. elections.

Obama Disses Gold Star Mother, Peres Passes Away, Follow-Up

Obama Disses Gold Star Mother

President Obama held a military town hall event yesterday at Fort Lee, Virginia. One of the questions posed to the president came from a Gold Star Mother who asked why the president refuses to say the words "radical Islamic terrorism."

Obama thanked her for her son's service and sacrifice, but then launched into a long-winded explanation, saying in part:

Fighting For Our Values, "A Terrorist Diaspora", The U.N. Says. . .

Fighting For Our Values

I'm on the road this week carrying our conservative message every place I can. I just spent a great evening in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, speaking at the Family Heritage Alliance's annual banquet.

There was a tremendous turnout, which included dozens of state legislators, representatives from the state's congressional offices, as well as statewide officeholders. Congratulations to Dale Bartscher, executive director of the Family Heritage Alliance, who is doing an outstanding job fighting for faith, family and freedom in South Dakota!

Where They Stand, The Ferguson Effect, Fighting For Life

Where They Stand

The first presidential debate of 2016 is over. Initial ratings suggest a big audience tuned in at home. That's a good thing because a Pew Research survey released last week finds that many Americans don't know much about where the candidates stand. For example:

Debate Night, Murder At Macy's

Debate Night

Tonight may well be the most anticipated presidential debate in modern history. In fact, tonight's debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is taking place on the anniversary of the very first nationally televised presidential debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon.

Many analysts predict the home-viewing audience tonight will shatter the record set by the 1980 Reagan/Carter debate, which had nearly 81 million viewers. The stakes for both campaigns and our country are high.

Charlotte Day 3, Kaepernick Disrespectful Protests Growing, Franks Fights For Life

Charlotte Day 3

There was less violence in Charlotte, North Carolina, last night. But, sadly, there was more evidence that eight years of left-wing ideology from the Obama Justice Department has affected law enforcement all the way down to individual cities.

We saw it in Baltimore, where police were ordered to stand down. You may recall that the mayor said she "gave those who wished to destroy, space to do that."

The Chaos Continues, Boeing's Bad Bet

The Chaos Continues

There was another night of rioting in Charlotte, North Carolina. This time the city's business district was targeted. Apparently the mob heard the demand of Nation of Islam leader B. J. Murphy for an economic boycott of the city.

Here are some observations after a second day of anarchy in Charlotte.

Chaos In Charlotte, Obama's Plea For Open Borders

Chaos In Charlotte

Chaos erupted in Charlotte, North Carolina, last night after reports of a police shooting in that city. More than a dozen law enforcement officers were injured in the rioting. One officer was hit in the head by a rock. "Protestors" looted a Walmart, stealing flat-screen TVs, iPads and other electronics.

Hundreds of demonstrators stormed a major interstate and shut down traffic. They broke into tractor trailers and burned the cargo on the highway. A police cruiser was also destroyed.

Obama's Terror Failures, The NFL's Circus Of Political Correctness

Obama's Terror Failures

In the past 24 hours, we have learned a lot more about New York City bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami.

ISIS Cheers Attacks, About That Vetting. . .

ISIS Cheers Attacks

The Islamic State was quick to claim credit for this weekend's carnage in St. Cloud and New York. After the bombing in Manhattan, Islamists celebrated on social media. And while local authorities struggled to understand the motivation of St. Cloud slasher Dahir Adan, ISIS hailed him as "a soldier of the Islamic State."

Below are some updates to our earlier report.